What is Staking?

Players can earn AES, Aqua Farm's key monetary and governance token, through winning the PVP tournament or purchasing it from exchanges. In addition, players can earn AES tokens by contributing to the ecosystem, such as staking.

As a member of Aqua Farm's community, players can stake their own PODO tokens for a certain period of time to share their vision and participate in maintaining a stable tokenomics ecosystem. Staking PODO tokens receive a certain amount of AES tokens as a reward according to the reward policy.

Stake $PODO at Farm NFTs

Players can stake on Farm NFTs that they own or that are owned by someone else. To stake on the farms, you must meet several conditions set by the farm owner.

Unlike web staking, farm staking allows players to freely choose the desired staking period. However, if the staking period is less than 7 days, a penalty of a certain percentage must be paid to the farm owner.

In accordance with the policy below, players can earn $AES as a reward for staking their $PODO.

Lastly, your final rewards are shared with the Farm holders based on the Farm's commission rate.

Stake $AES at Website

In order to provide a more diverse staking options, we implement such functions on our website and provide them to our users. Unlike staking in games, the following rules apply to staking on the website.

  • Anyone can stake with $AES tokens in order to get additional $AES tokens as rewards.

  • Fixed Period (30, 60, 90, 180 and 365 days)

The simple formula for calculating rewards from web staking is as follows.

Please keep in mind that if the staked tokens are unstaked within the agreed-upon period, the reward will not be granted. You can only get the principal amount.

To stake, please visit our website here:

Source of Staking Reward

The company uses marketplace transaction fees, profits from NFT sales, or staking funds according to token distribution plans. Most of the profits from games generated by Aqua Farm's tokenomics philosophy are designed to return to the community members and it is not necessarily limited to games.

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