What is Guardian NFT

Guardians are protectors of the ocean and modes of transportation that allow players to navigate the vast ocean of Aqua World. You can freely play the game with the 'Whale' which is item-type Guardian, which is provided at the beginning of the game.

However, by owning Guardian NFTs, players can engage in additional activities as follows:

Players can have multiple NFT-type Guardians in their inventory, but only one Guardian can be used in the game.

How to Purchase Guardian NFT?

Players can use a item called ‘Big Horn of Divine’ for calling Guardian in the game. What’s unique about the act is Guardian who respond to the call all have a random probablility of appearance and grade. The 'Big Horn of Divine' can be purchased with $AES at the in-game marketplace.


Guardian NFT will be randomly assigned one of the grades after calling. Players can recognize each grade by color.

Buddy Slots

Depending on their grade, Guardian has slots that can be used to add up to 7 buddies which have special buffs. Once Buddy is added to the Guardian's slot, it cannot be removed. In other words, while the Guardian NFT may appear the same, the combination of its buffs can vary depending on the composition of the buddy.

You can unlock the slots up to the maximum cap by using a certain amount of elixirs.

What is Buddy

In the ocean, there are various sea animals that are fascinated by the mysteries of the Guardian and follow them, called Buddy. Players can randomly invite the buddy to use $AES at the in-game marketplace.

How to Get Buddy?

Players can randomly invite the buddy to use a specific item purchased by AES tokens.

Buddy can be divided into four grades: Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Depending on the grade, the stats possessed by the buddy vary. In the game, the buddy has either stat of battle or staking buffs. The effects the player can obtain through Buddy's stats are as follows:

  • Increase staking efficiency

  • Buffs of battle efficiency

Buddies can also be traded on the in-game marketplace.


Players also can use the Oasis with their Guardian, which exists on the back of the Guardian that acts as a shelter where Aree can rest peacefully. Oasis can be used primarily for social activities, but it also offers dynamic gameplay with high efficiency through the various bonus buffs.

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