Aqua Farm

Business Model

All profits of Aqua Farm are used to expand its organic ecosystem to provide better service and experience to users.


The company can make a profit by selling various types of NFTs in games, such as Aree, Guardian and Farm. The profit will be transparently used to improve service quality and liquidity supply for the tokenomics.

In-game item Sales (PODO, USD)

The company makes a profit by selling paid-items in the game.
It preserves the value of the PODO token which has an unlimited number of issues and provides reliable liquidity by installing the PODO token's burning model that is organically linked to the balance of the game.


In order to provide better service and a better user experience, the company charges 5%-10% of the transaction amount on the marketplace as a commission.

Contributing to Global Society

The company plans to use part of the project's profit to support activities, such as marine plastics, acidification, and oil spills to solve marine pollution problems that we all face.
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