Oasis is a huge lake with mysterious mana that only exists on the back of Guardians that protects the ocean. Players can play various non-battle activities such as inviting friends, granting buffs, and mini-games on the Oasis.


There are small objects in the Oasis called ‘Islets’. The number of islets that players can place in their oasis depends on the grade of their Guardian, with higher grades allowing for the placement of more islets such like Normal 3, Rare 12, Epic 24 and Legendary 48 islets.


There are diverse islets having numerous functions in the Oasis. Each islets has a different purpose and function.

  • Utility: Players can have a direct support for the gameplay (

  • Content Portal: Players can navigate to a specific menu

  • Decoration: Players can use it to decorate their Oasis

Players will start with a basic islet known as the "Central Islet," which is located at the center of their Oasis. It cannot be removed.


To build islets, players need to gather various materials in the following ways.

  • Collecting materials that are randomly floating on the Oasis.

  • Earning from gameplay rewards such as Treasure Chests.

Players do not need any tokens to build the islets, and once created, the islets can be kept in their inventory.


In order to place built islets on their Oasis, players need to use a certain amount of PODO tokens, and removing islets from the Oasis also requires token expenditure.

Please note that when changing the Guardian in use, islets will not be transferred automatically and must manually replace them to use.

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