Guild content is one of the elements that make Aqua Farm more engaging and enjoyable. Participating in guild activities allows players to experience more fun and various gameplay with friends through social interactions.

Create Your Own Guild

Guilds can be created by every user who owns the account to which the wallet is connected. A certain amount of AES is required to create a guild.


The level of a guild is based on the number and grade of its registered Aree and Guardians in the Guild Union, with levels ranging from 1 to a maximum of 120. The number of Islet spots available on a guild's Port is limited based on the guild's level.

The earning points that reflect NFTs by grade are as follows.

GradePoint per Aree NFTPoint per Guardian NFT













If the level of the guild is lowered, the role of all placed islets on the Port will be suspended.


Guilds have their own designated area just like individual players have Oasis. These areas are known as ports, where various islets can be placed.

Only the guild master and designated members are authorized to place specialized islets for the guild system on the Port. These islets offer a range of unique benefits and features that enhance the guild's overall capabilities, including increased member, revenue generation, and scholarship opportunities.

To build the islets on the Port, PODO from asset of the guild, and special materials.

Asset / Revenue

Guilds can stock up on the following two types of funds needed for guild operation.


Assets have multiple purposes, including the acquisition of islets to be placed on the guild Oasis and the enhancement of guild resources.


A type of funds that guild members receive as commissions from rewards they have earned over a certain period of time. The fund is shared with the members every week according to the distribution rate set by the guild master.

Revenue Share

Within a guild, members can distribute the guild's revenue among themselves according to an established rate set by the guild's master. The master can change the ratio of revenue share on the settings of the guild.


Aqua Farm offers a scholarship system for guild members that allows them to rent Aree/Guardian NFTs from each other. This rental system includes a reward policy that not only helps NFT holders preserve the value of their assets, but also enables new players to access a wider range of games by using other players' NFTs.


Members of the guild can register their NFTs with the guild union they are associated with. The registration process for NFTs requires a specific amount of AES.

When your NFT is registered with the Union, the ownership of the NFT belongs to the guild. If the registration is canceled, the ownership returns to you as the original owner. While the NFTs are registered with the guild, no one can infringe on their ownership.

Once the NFT is registered with the Union, it can be used by other guild members, including the owner, and any profits generated from its use are shared between the lender and the borrower, according to a certain percentage.

Borrow the Registered NFTs

Guild members can participate in PvE battles by using NFTs registered with the Union, subject to the limitations set by the Union, such as the maximum number of uses.

If you want to use the NFTs that are registered with the Union before participating in a battle, you can find them in the Union tab located in the Deck Settings section.

In order to use NFTs that are registered with the Union, you must have at least one NFT set in your deck. The rewards obtained from the battle are then divided based on the contribution of each NFT in accordance with the following rules.

  • 60% of the rewards obtained from the stage are distributed to the borrower.

  • 10% of the rewards obtained from the stage are distributed to an revenue of the guild.

  • 30% of the rewards obtained from the stage are distributed to the lender

In cases where multiple NFTs are used in a stage, and these NFTs have different holders, 30% of the rewards obtained from that stage are re-distributed based on the contribution of each NFT's holder.

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