Aqua Farm

Official Whitepaper, last updated Jun 2023

Aqua Farm?

Aqua Farm is an Adventure RPG based on blockchain technology with a Play-to-Earn structure. It is built on Polygon Network, an economical and broadly scalable Ethereum layer 2 chain, and supports game service based on major mobile platforms such as Android and iOS in consideration of the convenience of global players. It is also possible to play on the desktop with utility programs.

Players will get to navigate the vast ocean of Aqua World where themselves and Aree grow stronger together as they explore, survive and fight through various adventures and quests. As the players’ Aree grow stronger, more difficult quests and dungeons, as well as more lucrative rewards will be available.

Aqua Farm was inspired by the P2E game pioneer, Axie Infinity and a popular anime, Pokémon. We aim to build on our predecessors to provide a more lasting P2E game with more elaborate and sustainable token economics.


Our story begins in Aqua World where mankind and magical creatures of all kinds coexist in peace, under the protection of the mystical World Tree. One day, monsters from another world invaded Aqua World. The invaders, envious of the world so blessed and fertile, began ravaging and plundering the blessed PODO from Aqua World back to their barren and desolate homeworld.

As monsters plundered PODO, the fertile ocean of Aqua World became desolate. The World Tree sacrificed AES, its source of power, to create a giant barrier to protect Aqua World from the invaders but as time went on, the barrier began to grow weaker and weaker.

With the help of the Aree, the ocean fairies, and the Guardians, the legendary creatures and protectors of the ocean, mankind decided to embark on an adventure to fight back against the monsters and take back PODO to restore peace to Aqua World.


We believe that we can make the world a more enjoyable place through gaming. We also believe that the era of Pay to Win games, rich get richer, will fade and a new era of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, where players are enriched through game play, will arrive.

The arrival and advancement of blockchain technology - with ingrained features like decentralization, security, transparency and freedom - is opening new doors to the world of gaming and changing the way we play games in a way that were previously thought impossible with P2E games being a prime example.

The main objective of P2E games should be, first and foremost, fun to play. It should not ever become a mechanism to simply earn tokens. To achieve such a level of fun game play and enjoyability, we need a well-structured, intuitive and detailed plan for the game.

We aim to create and provide a well-made game to players by doing what we do best. We will employ various methods and designs to preserve the value of our digital assets, along with appropriate rewards for those who have contributed to the game ecosystem in various ways.

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