What is Farm?

Farm is a specific parcel of an area within the vast ocean of Aqua World. The area has rich PODOs, a place for staking.

However, on the other hand, it is also a place where monsters appear frequently. Thus, players who own their Farm NFTs should manage the area in order to earn benefits from the Farm.


First Farms are issued as NFT-type and sell on a presale by the company in a certain size and proportion as follows.

After the presale, players can freely trade the Farms on the marketplace.

  • 1x1: 70%

  • 2x2: 15%

  • 4x4: 12%

  • 6x6: 3%

The size of the player's Farm affects the maximum number of staking slots that can accommodate other players' Guardians.


Each Farm has 2 basic stats as follows:

  • Staking Slots like number of capacity (Farm's size * Level)

  • Staking efficiency with rewards

Farm holders can use AES tokens to level up their Farm, and as the farm level increases, the number of slots that can accommodate other players' Guardian and the efficiency of staking rewards increases.


Each Farm has a degree of purity to check the maintenance condition of the Farm. With this value, one can judge whether the area is contaminated by monster invasion.

Depending on the purity level, the number of slots that can be used for the total capacity of the Farm varies.


Farm holders can actively manage the purity of their Farm to earn a portion of AES tokens from other players' staking rewards, who are staking at the holders' farm.

Custody Management of Purity

On the contrary, players can directly contribute to the purity managing of someone's Farm in order to secure their staking slots.

If there are not enough staking slots for the total capacity of the Farm players who want to stake due to low purity, players can defeat monsters appearing in the Farm and increase the purity, instead of Farm holders.

The player who wins the battle can stake immediately in the slot secured due to the increased purity. However, if the maximum number of all slots in the farm is used up, further staking cannot proceed.

On the Farm, players can use their Aree, or only rent Aree that the Farm holder is renting. The distribution of rewards obtained through battles follows Aqua Union.


The Farm is the most PODO-rich area in Aqua World, where players can do their staking.


Farm holders can set staking-related values for their Farm as shown below.

  • Minimum PODO tokens required for staking

  • Staking slots fee (0~30%)

Before staking, players can check overall information, including purity and then select a Farm to stake. Players can select multiple staking Farms at the same time.


If players unstake their PODO tokens within 7 days, a certain percentage of AES tokens earned by staking on the Farm will be paid as a penalty to the Farm holder.


Less than 7 days

30% of total AES for Staking Reward

After 7 days


Reward ($AES)

By staking PODO tokens, players can earn AES tokens as a reward based on the formula below:

ActualRewardsperhour=RAcommissionrateActual\:Rewards\:per\:hour\:=\:R_{A}\:-\:commission\: rate

More details of staking can be viewed:


Roadmap in phases

Since the Farm NFT is an important element in the game economy, it will be issued carefully. The plan is to develop and release along with the roadmap in phases.

  • Phase 1 Sold Farm NFTs are displayed on the Aqua Farm official website with their location and holder information.

  • Phase 2 Farm holders can check their Farm information in the game. In this stage, players can perform functions such as farm management, rewards, and staking.

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