Aqua Farm
P2E games require elaborately structured token economics.
One-token-fits-all approach cannot be structured with just one token. Aqua Farm is operated by tokenomics, designed to preserve value while being sophisticated with the help of “the Mars Network”, a group of blockchain experts.

Aree Shards ($AES)

AES (Aree Shards) token plays a critical role of being both the key monetary token and governance token of Aqua Farm. AES token is a fixed deflationary token, which is designed to reward and incentivize players and token holders.
Use Cases
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Staking Reward
  • In-game Reward (PvP)
  • Purchasing Aree (NFT)
  • Upgrading Aree (NFT)
  • Purchasing Hammer of Reforging (NFT)
  • Registration fee of Aqua Union (NFT)
  • Purchasing Guardian (NFT)
  • Purchasing Buddy: Sea Animal

The token distribution plan of AES can be viewed here:

Power Of Deep Ocean ($PODO)

PODO (Power Of Deep Ocean) is Aqua Farm’s secondary token. It aims to be used for the ‘play-to-earn’ reward system. PODO token has an infinite supply, and the total number of PODO tokens increase as the number of players increases. Such an inflationary play mechanism helps to maintain the PODO token at a stable price for the sustainable game ecosystem.
Use Cases
  • In-game Reward (PvE)
  • Rental Reward (Aqua Union)
  • Fee of Farm (NFT)
  • Leveling Aree
  • Purchasing Evolution Stone
  • Purchasing Return Stone
  • Purchasing Elixir
  • Purchasing Stamina Potion
  • Staking
  • Building Objects on Oasis
The increase in the number of players is a major factor in the issuance of PODO tokens. Therefore, the initial inflation rate of PODO is adjusted by increasing the issuance volume in response to the increase in the number of initial players in the service.​
Supply formula of PODO tokens:
Tokens returned to the company in order for profits or burning models will be burned or used for liquidity supply to maintain the tokenomics of Aqua Farm.
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Aree Shards ($AES)
Power Of Deep Ocean ($PODO)