Aqua Farm applies a turn-based 'idle battle' system approach inspired by gameplay methods such as 'Axie Infinity' and 'Pokémon'. These characteristics make users play a very simple and easy understanding of the game but require strategies to win.

Deck Placement

Before the battle begins, players can place their Aree on a deck of 9 compartments (3x3) with a maximum of 5 (five) Aree.

Aree's attack range is determined by their skills such as range or melee attack. Aree with melee skills can only attack opponents in the front line, whereas Aree with range skills can attack more widely.

Players must fully consider the attributes, roles, and stats of their Aree to win. More Aree the players possess, they can play dynamically through different strategies.

Basic Statistic

The six parts that Aree wears have different statistics ('stats').

Each part is assigned one of stats as follows:



Attack Point


Defense Point


Critical Ratio




Health Point

The formula for the amount of damage inflicted to the opponent according to Aree's ability is as follows:

Damage=xy120÷(100+z)x=ap,y=attributionaleffect,z=dpDamage = x * y * 120 ÷ (100 + z)\\\\ _{} \\\\ _{x\:=\:ap,\:\:y\:=\:attributional\:effect,\:\:z\:=\:dp}\\\\

In addition, battle results may vary depending on the values of various stats, such as critical hits or agile stats.

Additional Active/Passive Skills

All Aree are able to possess additional skills, either passive or active, based on the part combinations. The conditions to acquire additional skills are as follows:

  • 3 Parts with the same name (1 set): +1 Passive Skill

  • 3 Parts with the same name (2 sets): +1 Passive Skill + 1 Passive Skill

  • 6 Parts with the same name: +1 Passive Skill + 1 Active Skill

Passive Skills: Increase one's own basic stats

Active Skills: Massive Damages, Enhance Stats, Taunt, etc. to others.

Players can engage in dynamic battles with additional skills acquired by various parts combinations. Discover hundreds of skills that can be acquired through the combination of item parts HERE.


Each battlefield stage can have multiple attributes, similar to the trait of Aree.

Aree's battle efficiency increases if their attribute is the same as the battlefield attribute.

For efficient battle using attributes, players can compose a strategic deck by considering the attributes of the Aree to be deployed.

Player vs Environment (PvE)

As mentioned earlier, all Aree is assigned 6 parts according to the attributes given at birth from the egg. Based on the stats of the parts, they can participate in a battle divided into various roles, including range attack, melee attack, and magic attack.

Accordingly, players can build their own strategic decks to lead the battle. Players' rewards are as follows:

  • Pearls

  • Game Items

Maximize the efficiency of the battle through the combination of different Aree to keep our peace from the evil monsters who invaded Aqua World!

Player vs Player (PvP)

The more players understand Aqua Farm's battle system and have experience in PvE, the more they want to test their skills through fighting each other. Aqua Farm's battle system, where the outcome of the battle depends on how efficiently players deploy their Aree, can help them win the competition with multiple players around the world and earn AES tokens as a reward!

Players have the option to select either the ‘Ladder’ or ‘Pro’ league for their PvP content. The Ladder league provides a ranking system that selects winners based on their league points (LP), which can be earned from each battle with other players. Alternatively, the Pro league operates on a ‘winner takes all’ method, meaning that players can either gain or lose their league points depending on their battle results. At the conclusion of the weekly match of both leagues, those who rank highly will receive valuable rewards.

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