Choose Your Own Path!

Players can navigate the vast ocean on Aqua World to fight and defeat monsters in dungeons, and players are able to discover treasure maps in their adventure where they can defeat monsters to take back PODO that were taken by the monsters.

However, not all players should engage in Aqua Farm battles. We offer many non-battle activities for players to immerse themselves in to earn PODO tokens.

Infinite Scalability

Aqua Farm initiated its universe with the first 25 maps. However, we do not limit the size and number through the expansion of the universe.

Each map is composed of several tiles of a 1x1 size, containing a variety of game contents, in addition to Farms and dungeons.

The first map, which opens in the early stage of the game, is located at the center of the World Tree. As the center for players, Farms located nearby have a higher value compared to the locations on other maps.

As all maps unveil via updates gradually, dungeons with relatively much difficulty and good rewards appear, and maps with special functions or themes will be released sequentially to increase the player's interest and immersion in the game.

Battle System

Aqua Farm applies a turn-based 'idle battle' system approach inspired by gameplay methods such as 'Axie Infinity' and 'Pokémon'. These characteristics make users play a very simple and easy understanding of the game but require strategies to win.

In-Game Marketplace

As we aim the pure decentralization, we provide the in-game marketplace to encourage the establishment of an autonomous market economy among players.

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