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What is Aree?

They are ocean fairies born near the world tree, the center of Aqua World. Aree stay in a mysterious space called ‘Oasis’ and grow with adventures and battles along the player.
Rumi (Magma)
At the beginning of the game, all players start their adventures with a regular item type Aree (Rumi). The regular item type Aree has the following characteristics.
  • Battle Reward acquisition (possible)
  • Level up (possible)
  • Grade Up (not possible)
  • Sales (not possible)
  • Transactions between players (not possible)
The plural form of Aree is also Aree.

Aree NFTs

Players can randomly acquire Aree NFTs from hatching eggs near the world tree using AES tokens. All NFT-type Aree has a variety of characteristics and can be traded among players.


An NFT-type Aree hatched from an egg is automatically assigned one of four attributes.
  • Wave: Toga
  • Ice: Linae
  • Ground: Pep
  • Magma: Rumi

Attribute Chart

Each attribute has a one-way correlation as shown below. This has a direct impact on battle efficiency.
Spirit Aree is not affected by any attributes.


NFT-type Aree hatched from an egg is graded based on the probabilities below. The higher the initial grade, the rarer it is; a synthesis system is required to be advanced to the next grade.
  • Normal (95%)
  • Rare (4.99%)
  • Epic (0.01%)
  • Legendary (0%)


Synthesis for an upgrade requires two (2) 30-level Aree of the same grade. Once the synthesis is complete, Aree on the subdeck will return to the World Tree and disappear.
There is no change in the original parts of maindeck due to the synthesis.
To synthesize, both AES tokens and evolution stones are required. The number of AES tokens and evolution stones required are shown below:
Current Grade
Evolution Stone
Next Grade



Every Aree has a Stamina value, which is essential in order to participate in a battle. The stamina of Aree in the battle is reduced by the number required for each stage.
If Aree’s stamina value is '0', it can no longer participate in a battle. Potions can be consumed to recover stamina, which can be purchased in the shop using PODO tokens.
*There is a limit to the number of potions one player can purchase within 24 hours and the maximum amount player can have in the player's inventory.

Level Up

All Aree start at level 1 and can level up to 30. Players need a certain amount of experience and evolution stones to level up.
Experience required to level up can be obtained by the percentage of stamina consumed in battle.
x:yx=exp,y=staminausedx : y\\\\ _{} \\\\ _{x\:=\:exp,\:\:y\:=\:stamina\:used}\\\\
In addition, the required number of evolution stones varies depending on the grade and level. The total number of evolution stones required to reach the maximum level is as follows.
Total # of evolution stones to reach Lv 30
Players can recognize their required EXP for the leveling.
A: Level Cap. based on earned total EXP.
B: B: Required EXP for next level after reaching Max level.

Parts Combination

Part Classification
Besides the regular item type Aree, each Aree has a combination of 6 different parts as shown below. Each part has different designs and stats.
  • Head
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Gloves
  • Gear 1
  • Gear 2
Because all the Aree hatched from eggs are automatically created with 11 million possible combinations per attribute, NFT-type Aree may have different roles and stats depending on the part configuration, though they may appear the same.
Therefore, every Aree has a special value just for its existence.
Add'l. Passive/Active Skills Through Parts Combination!
Every part has a unique name. If the player's Aree wears more than three parts with the same name, it acquires special skills based on the parts.
Details of parts combination are as follows:
  • 3 Parts with the same name (1 Set): +1 Passive Skill
  • 3 Parts with the same name (2 Sets): +1 Passive Skill + 1 Passive Skill
  • 6 Parts with the same name (Full Set): +1 Passive Skill + 1 Active Skill
Enjoy more dynamic gameplay through powerful passive/active skills acquired through various parts combinations!

Parts Pieces

Players can return their own Aree to the World Tree. This requires 'Return Stone' and can be purchased in the shop with PODO tokens.
Aree used in the return stone leaves up to 5 pieces with the names of the parts it was wearing depending on the grade and then returns to the World Tree.
Spirit Aree cannot be returned to the World Tree or change their equipped parts.
When a certain number of pieces of the same name are collected, the player can reassemble the pieces and get the wearable part that can be put on the player's Aree.
To put on the assembled part, the player needs the Hammer of Reforging.
Hammer of Reforging
Grade of Aree
Hammer of Reforging (Normal)
Hammer of Reforging (Rare)
Hammer of Reforging (Epic)
Hammer of Reforging (Legendary)
The Hammer of Reforging for each grade can be purchased in the shop with PODO tokens or obtained as a battle reward.
Players will be able to trade their parts pieces, or assembled parts on further updates.

Spirit Aree

There is the Spirit Aree that solely consisted of souls. 100 for each attribute, a total of 400 Spirit Aree will be only minted this time and they can never be minted again. In 2022 Q1-Q2, there was a 'Mystery Egg' sale for those who supported us at the early stage of our project.
For this sale, 400 Spirit Aree (100 per each attribute) were created. Spirit Aree, which consist solely of pure souls, are extremely valuable as they are not affected by other attributes and they will never be born again after the first creation.
Players will get extra rewards from the battle when they battle using spirit Aree.
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