Aqua Farm

Aqua Union

What is Aqua Union?

Aqua Farm has a scholar system that allows players to rent NFT-type Aree between holders.
A reward policy of rental system allows holders to preserve the value of their NFTs, while new players can use other players' Aree to play more diverse games.


NFT-type Aree holders can rent their Aree to other players via Aqua Union. At this time, the ownership of Aree will be transferred to the Union Treasury for a certain period of time.
Holders should pay a certain amount of AES tokens according to their registration period.


Players who want to rent Aree can receive recommendations from Aqua Union. Recommendations can be received a certain number within 24 hours, and PODO tokens are required if players want to have additional recommendations.


Players who rent Aree from Aqua Union pay a certain percentage of the PODO tokens obtained from battle rewards as a rental fee.
Here, the fee is 10% of the number of PODO tokens in Reward Portion without the player portion.

Reward Share by Contribution Ratio

Players who rent NFT-type Aree from Aqua Union share earned PODO tokens as the battle reward with the holders who have true ownership by contribution rate from the reward portion after deducting Union Fee (10%).
Holders' contribution rate is determined by the total amount of damage their Aree inflicted in the battle. Actual PODO tokens as the reward are calculated by contribution rate with the following formula:
ActualRewardsbycontributionrate=(x÷y)zx=damagedealty=totaldamagedealtz=totalrewardsActual\: Rewards\: by \:contribution\: rate={(x ÷ y)*z}\\\\ _{} \\\\ _{x\:=\:damage\:dealt}\\\\ _{y\:=\:total\:damage \:dealt} \\\\ _{z\:=\:total\:rewards}
Holders with diverse and powerful Aree can acquire PODO tokens through Aqua Union, even if they do not participate in the battle.
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